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Hello there and welcome,

My name is Dave Fransz, I am an artist focussed on creating works that create an engagement with people, therefore my practice mostly translates to projects or very personal, intimate works.

For these works to come to existence though, I must ask some questions:

More and more often we find ourselves in human made environments. What do these physical environments do to you? Do they challenge you? Do they entice you to play? Do you influence them or are you influenced by them? And is your environment purely external?


with these questions in mind i try to create environments myself, to weigh all the influences made by my actions, to find out where we stand in this age and day between all these human toys we have surrounded ourselves with :) 

past Shows

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Group Show

W139, Amsterdam 

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Group Show

W139, Amsterdam 

Destilaat 22

Group Show

Extrapool, Nijmegen

All Inn

Graduation Group Show

Het HEM, Zaandam

EDIT (Every Day I Try)

Group Show

Allee Rentree,

Drukpershallen Enschede



University Twente

Group Show

University Twente, Enschede


Solo Show

AKI Artez, Enschede

AKI Artez Enschede

Group Show

AKI Artez, Enschede

Dave Fransz


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